Epithermal – Porphyry and CRD target in Lece Magmatic Complex

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58 km2
Kosovo Mineral Resources (wholly owned subsidiary of Western Tethyan Resources)
Recent work
Ground Geophysical Survey (IP/Resistivity, Mag)
Licenses wide XRF Soils sampling program underway Infill Soil Sampling, Trenching and Geophysics
To two historical mines (Drazhnja and Lece) and five undeveloped deposits in 15km radius, including Tulare Au-Cu porphyry
The Hertica license  cover a total of 58 km2. They are positioned along the flanks of the Lecce Magmatic Complex and in contact with the Vardar sedimentary rocks, an area well-explored in Serbia, yet under-explored in Kosovo.

Hertica-Terpeza Schematic Model

Porphyry and Epithermal Target

Part of Lece Magmatic Complex, a complex hosting Tulare 300.5Mt @ 0.26 g/t Au, Drazhnja 3.3 Mt @ 7% Pb-Zn, and various others epithermal-porphyry deposits and prospects.

Large scale advanced argillic alteration zone characterized by Andesitic to Dacitic porphyry intrusions.

  • Rock sample up to 1.58 g/t Au and 0.5 % Cu
  • Soil sample up to 0.1 g/t Au

Induced Polarisation geophysical survey identified a large chargeable anomaly coinciding with surface geochemistry and alteration.

Drlling program ongoing.

3  holes totalling 2200m