Western Tethyan Resources announces issuance of Hertica exploration license in Kosovo

26 July 2022

Western Tethyan Resources Limited (“WTR” or the “Company”), a UK registered
private mineral exploration and development company, is pleased to announce that
the government of Kosovo has granted WTR the ‘Hertica’ exploration licence,
covering 58 km2 The company now holds 297 km2 of prospective licenses in Kosovo.
Three other license applications (161 km2) in Kosovo are under final revision phase by the ICMM (Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals)


  • The Hertica exploration license lies in the northeastern part of Kosovo. The area
    is considered part of the Lecce Magmatic Complex, straddling the Serbian and
    Kosovar borders, and host to the Tulare porphyry (300Mt @ 0.27% Cu and 0.26
    g/t Au), the Drazhnja Polymetallic Deposit (4.7 Mt @ 7% PbZn and 45 g/t Ag) and several other porphyry and epithermal deposits.
  • The Hertica license area includes a large 6 km2 zone of advanced argillic alteration with several quartz-diorite porphyry intrusions outcropping throughout and associated copper, gold, antimony mineralization. The contact between the intrusions and host sediments is also considered highly favourable for CRD and sediment hosted styles of mineralisation.
  • Reconnaissance work on the project area to date, although limited, has returned
    some prospective grades throughout different alteration styles of the epithermalporphyry target, i.e:
    o Up to 0.12 g/t Au from the vuggy silica samples, and
    o Up to 0.4 g/t Au and 0.5% Cu from Quartz-Sericite-Pyrite (QSP) alteration zone
  • Upon granting of the licence WTR has immediately started exploration work with advanced geology and alteration mapping and a license-wide soil sampling program on three different grids ( 50×200, 100×400 and 200×800), initially to be tested with XRF.

Mentor Demi, Managing Director of Western Tethyan Resources Ltd, commented:

We are very excited about the addition of the Hertica Epithermal-Porphyry project to our exploration portfolio. Considering the impressive visual targets in the alteration zone and intriguing associated geochemistry results, we plan to move the project forward rapidly through intense systematic exploration work. The company is ideally positioned to develop the project through the Exploration Alliance agreement with Newmont and Ariana Resources as partners.

Western Tethyan Resources Limited Tel: +383 (45) 266 435

Chris J. Sangster, Non-Executive Chairman

Mentor Demi, Managing Director